Facial Analysis/Comparison

Markup of eyes, eyebrows, mouth and ear lobe differences of an unknown tintype photo believe to be that of Billy the Kid.

Animetrics provides Facial Analysis services for determining if two or more photos are of the same person or not. Animetrics follows FISWG guidelines for facial analysis; primarily morphological analysis.

Our product ForensicaGPS allows for the calibration of two or more photos onto a common coordinate system via 3D facial structures. This allows an analyst to use Superimposition to aid in examination of facial features. Though not as conclusive, antropometric pairwise measurements may also be extracted for mean and confidence plots.

A summary of findings with morphological observations, comments and measurements are included in a typical report. Contact us with your inquiry.


A photo of an unknown subject can be verified through the use of the Animetrics verfication algorithm. A verification score can be determined if two or more photos are supplied of a known person to compare with an unknown subject.

Photogrammetry Analysis

Relative and absolute measurments of objects (not just facial features) are possible to obtain as well as the determination of image validity, "is this photoshopped".